Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I like Holidays!

So yesterday was a holiday. That means lots of people were off from work. Unfortunately I didn't get an extra day off since Monday's are my normal day off to begin with. And most holidays in Japan are on Monday. Oh well, I can't have everything!

Anyway, I had another good day. The rain cleared up and we had some pretty skies (see last two pictures). The band plays on holidays so I got to see them three days in a row. Life is good. :-D

So here are a few pictures. Picasa was updated so I was finally able to find some of the pictures I'd lost. The first picture is of some of my Sunday Bible Study students. They come every week and study the Catechesim for TWO HOURS!!!! These are the best students ever!!!

Next is Sing. Not only is he in a Band, he writes poems and makes them into post cards and sells them. Here is what his little set up looks like.

And lastly, are two pictures of yesterday's evening sky. It was quite beautiful. One thing I do miss about Texas is the sunsets (as in being able to see them). In Japan there are just too many buildings, or mountains or whatever in the way to see beautiful sunsets. So this is the best I have to look forward to. Anyway, it's time to go and begin another week of teaching English!

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