Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random fact about Japan...

So for the second post in a row I don't have pictures. Sorry. But I remembered something today that I used to think was strange.

So in America there are two basic types of bicycles. In Texas (I'm not quite sure about the rest of the country) they were called boy's and girl's bikes. The boy's bikes had this high bar on it, and the girl's didn't. Where I lived, boys didn't want to be caught dead on a girl's bike.

Anyway, when I came to Japan I was shocked to see everyone riding girl's bikes! In fact, I'm not sure I've even seen a "boy's" bike here. So that's the deal. And lot's of people ride bikes here. Grandma's, buisness men, everyone. Lot's of bikes. And almost no one wears helmets.

Ok, so that's the random bike information.

In other news... I've been kinda busy lately, and as my last post, a bit tired. I got to rest and go out today to a movie with a friend. Watched X-men 3. Good movie. Disentgrating people was a bit disturbing, but on the whole it was a good time. Anyway, I'll make a more informative post sometime soon I hope. :-D

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Mar said...

You are absolutely right. A boy in Tx. wouldn't be caught dead riding around on a girls bike. :)